Cut Costs, Grow Your Business, Improve Your Customer Service, and Reduce Your Workload


Gain a Competitive Advantage with Your Own Virtual Assistant!

Hiring a virtual assistant is not just about cutting costs, though we can certainly help you do that … it’s also about gaining a powerful new advantage over your competitors.

Here’s how: With your own virtual assistant you’ll have an expert capable of turning your weaknesses into strengths. For example, let’s say your customer service is not functioning well. We can fix that … but we can also go a step further and actually add to your existing customer service by enabling you to do something that your competitors aren't.

For example, if you hadn’t been doing it before, we could start contacting your customers and thanking them for their order or confirming their order – and best of all, providing this new extra service won’t eat into your valuable time at all!

Here is a list of our most popular services:

  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Correspondence (business and personal)
  • Gift purchasing
  • E-mail
  • Research
  • Database management
  • Travel planning

However, we can do additional services not included in this list. Basically, we can complete any business task that can be handled via e-mail, fax or phone!

Now here are our current Pricing Plans:

Monthly Plan
Hours Included
Hourly Rate
Monthly Cost
Additional Hours
By the Task 0 $12    
Basic Plan 10 $10 $100 $12
Basic Plus Plan 20 $9 $180 $12
Executive Plan 40 $8 $320 $8

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